After completing DUI School you will be required to have a Clinical Evaluation from an Evaluator on the approved DHR – Approved Register.
Redirect offers the cheapest Clinical Evaluations in the area by charging the minimum fee allowed, $95.

The Certified Clinical Evaluation (O.C.G.A. 40-6-391) – The Clinical Evaluator may request you provide a copy of your Criminal Background Check or your 7 year Motor Vehicle Report (MVR). If required, you can request your CBG check at your local sheriff’s office or your MVR from your local Georgia State Patrol Office for nominal fees.

Also, the Evaluator may require you to provide documentation regarding current medications, information of past or present counseling sessions, treatment programs or Self-help group meetings (i.e.: Alcoholics &/or Narcotics Anonymous, etc.).

The Evaluator will determine whether your Driving Privileges should be restored or may recommend you attend a specific level of treatment. Levels of treatment range in intensity from outpatient services through residential services to medically-managed intensive inpatient services. If remanded to treatment, you will be asked to choose a specific Treatment Provider that offers the ASAM level of care specified by the Evaluator. You must select a provider that is listed on the DHR – Approved Register.

Clinical Evaluation: $125

Court Assessment: $95

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